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    Hi guys, I just posted my symptoms on the symptoms board which have been going on for a yr and now for 6 months my pancreas is inflammed, drs dont know why

    When all of this started I had tons of labs-smith, ana, sed rate etc etc, all clear

    Does lupus always show on labs? I cant help but think all of my symptoms are connected and pray its not something like pancreatic cancer (dad died of this) causing all of this--though my scans so far are clear. Drs have no clue what is going on with me.

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    HI!!!!! My labs are always CLEAR anymore BUT when my body showed FIRST signs of this disease which was 11 years ago they werent. Weird huh? Thats this disease, WEIRD A GOOD DR KNOWS you CANT go off of lab work. Some people have positive ana but DONT have Lupus. SO, the dr has to LOOK at ALL of your symptoms,it goes way beyond labs. There are MANY criteria that can add up to Lupus and MANY drs ARENT updated in their KNOWLEDGE of this disease to KNOW that. FIND the RIGHT dr is what i say. It took me almost 4 yrs to do just that BUT its worth it when you get there. GOOD LUCK!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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