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Thread: update and beach yesterday!

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    Default update and beach yesterday!

    Hi Peeps!

    I have exciting news! I went to the beach yesterday, and so far so good! I wore an SPF 60 (which I have never worn in my LIFE), and covered up the second I felt a little off. I haven't had any out breaks and my skin didn't have that creepy crawly feeling I had before I was on my medicine. It was a happy day, as I haven't been able to enjoy the beach all summer, and living in Savannah GA, that's kind of a big deal.

    My biposy resluts ended up showing subacute lupus, which pending my bloodwork, is limited to the skin. However, I have been having major brain fog issues!! I hate that because it's so hard to explain to people, it's like they think you're making a weak excuse or something. Of course this could just be my perception, but does anyone else feel like the brain fog is so hard for others to understand??? Plus the's so hard to get out of bed even when I've had a ridiculous amount of sleep. I have been feeling so anyone else feeling that way too??

    I posted to my blog that my best friend has been my lifesaver (it is so scary to have to be dependent on people), but he really came through for me, I've been having a hard time dealing with everything plus owning a home and paying my bills when I can't even remember to take my purse with me to work some days. At least I know God has looked out for me in some way, I have given up being self protective and I am letting him take care of me. It is a wonderful feeling to know that another person loves you enough to support you when they have absolutely no obligation to. Everyone who has a good friend or spouse, give them a special hug or kiss tonight, and make sure they know how important they are to you!! Love to everyone, I hope y'all are doing ok tonight.

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    YES!!!! I AGREE!!!! A special kiss and a hug!!!! SOUNDS like a good plan!!!! WOO HOO to the beach!!!!!! Good for you!!!!

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    hi dixiewolf,

    thanks for a beautiful post....we should always remember to show our love and appreciation....thanks for reminding me.

    congrats on your beach in the south, it is funny that this is such a big deal, but to us lupies, it is.

    i am so glad that you have your friend...tell him that we appreciate him too.

    share a smile today

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