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Thread: Lupus and Guilt

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    I'm not as young as most of you on this thread, but I sometimes feel the guilt, too. My husband is very athletic for his age (54) - he bikes to his classes, six miles each way, and usually runs or walks at a fast pace anywhere he goes. I feel guilty for slowing him down so much when I try to go anywhere with him, even though he doesn't complain.
    I now have a wheelchair for outings, and it helps so much! We can wander around at his pace, with him pushing me. We can also wander around longer, since I don't get tired out.
    Jeff also claims that pushing the wheelchair is good exercise for him, so he's happy.
    I also hang out with a lot of young and healthy ladies in The Officers Students Spouses Club. I sometimes feel guilty for not being able to keep up with them. However, they are all quite understanding and don't seem to mind "the old lady with the cane" at all.
    I've learned to make a lot of compromises because of my AI diseases.
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    Hi Marla,

    I admire your positive thinking, I sometimes feel 'guilty' too.
    Because my people of my age can do things that I can't do, as it requires a lot of energy out of me to do simple things.
    But need to stay strong and make the best of every single day.
    A butterfly is not afraid to spread it's wings.

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