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    Default info plz

    i have read sooo many sites and am trying to gather as much info as possible can we (doctor included) believe my daughter has lupus just waiting on labs i read one of the threads on this site they talked about eating habits and stomach pains can anyone elaborate on this symptom thanks

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    Are you wanting to know if eating habits and stomach pains can cause Lupus or if they aggravate Lupus? There are certain foods that we are advised to avoid because they can cause a flare-up, such as: alfalfa sprouts, legumes, red meats (saturated fats found in fatty beef are more pro-inflammatory than certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, which are found in fish oil). Fatty beef may activate the immune system, so it's wiser to choose lean beef if you must eat beef. Diets rich in fish and low in fats from meat may also be helpful for those with lupus anticoagulant. And, as in any diet, moderation is a key factor. A slice of rich cheese, for example, won’t trigger a flare or inflammation. But a diet consumed with rich cheeses may.

    Lupus is a very difficult disease to diagnose and the entire process can take months to a year before a definitive diagnosis is made. Doctors will want to eliminate other possible causes for your daughter's symptoms before they will say if it is Lupus. Blood tests, alone, will not provide enough information to make a diagnosis.

    I am not sure what your question is regarding stomach pain. Could you be a bit more specific so that I can try my best to answer?

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