I just came across this site and was truly happy for finding it. I have done without good support since I was diagnosed 4 yr ago. People try, but they just do NOT understand.

My name is Rhonda, Roni for short. I am 34, divorced mom of 3, whom live with their father right now, due to my health. I am sick and tired of life like this anymore, and wonder sometimes, when the day will come that the Lord is going to take me home. Some days I wish I would get real sick and it all just ends. But I know that it would hurt my children. So I am going to stick around I guess :? Anyway, I do have support thru God. But sometimes it is nice to have someone physically with you, to understand EVERYTHING you are going thru, and to not be so pushy about things that need to be done, etc. There is so much more. I will get back to you on what is going on, and if you all have any questions you may want to ask.

I do have one question for you all, tho. Does anyone have acne? So bad that they are accused of using meth? That is what my best friend told me the other day, that when she first met me, she thought I was a meth user. I was floored. My face is a mess all of the time. I am also a picker. So when I have something on my face, I try to get rid of it, knowing full well, what will happen when Im done destroying my face. What in the hell is wrong with me, that I am so destructive? Why do I do this to myself?????????????????