I know many of you might not relate to this, but I just wanted to give a different outlook. I am thankful to God for everything in my life, including my health. I know it could be better but I also know it will get better. I'm thankful I found out I had this disease when I did, my doctors said that if I had waited any longer- I could have died due to my rapid loss of kidney function. Thankfully, God has put a team of wonderful Doctors who have helped me with my pain and restore the function. I look in the mirror and I look awful! But I still feel so good inside. I hate my stretch marks and my feet had gotten so swollen that I now have stretch marks on them- but I can't help but smile and laugh because I'm so happy and lucky to be alive. My hair started falling out today and I'm looking forward to wearing all kinds of wigs. The point is, I know we're all going through hard times- but if you take my alternative, which is the optimistic one, it is so much easier to live with this. Being depressed only hurts you more, in fact stress can make Lupus worsen. I thought I'd share what it is that makes me live with this disease so comfortably, and that is two things- my complete faith in God and my optimisn.