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    I'm guessing it's the meds...I've never been a nervous person, but I noticed I can't talk without shaking and seeming nervous now. I cant hold my glass without shaking and my hands are always trembling. I guess out of all symptoms, this is the one that I hate the most because it lets people know something is wrong. You know, like my swollen feet, I can hide with shoes...Or any pain, I can mask. But when I'm telling you a story or talking to you and I'm twitching like a drug addict without their drug, it makes me feel people think there's something wrong with me, something bad (not like having lupus wrong, but like being a druggie wrong)
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    I get the exact same thing! Especially if I go for a while without eating, the shaking gets worse. It comes and goes, though- sometimes it's more visible than others, but it can be quite a bother!

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