Sorry to hear your troubles...like bonus and many others on here we FEEL YOUR PAIN me and the hubby are having our struggles too, but everyone needs to resolve them their own way. It seems like there is "more than meets the eyes" (Quick what cartoon/movie?) with the step-daughter issue. You have a right to feel hurt take the time but don't let it be an eternity, and if on September 21st he's not here due to his work schedule treat yourself to something nice...a massage, box of chocalates, etc... and then tell him the day he gets back you have plans and go somewhere nice..the both of you deserve it.

And I agree with Angel you are number 1 here. By that I mean anytime you post a response you will always get at least one answer, if you PM us we will respond...so :hugs: kisses: and Happy Anniversary in advance in case I brain fog on you