Well, I think the title is self-explanatory. It's my last year being a 'teen' and I was hoping that this year would be better. Some background -have been having fatigue and achiness and pain, headache, migraine, joint stiffness since Aug 04 after falling sick on the school ski trip. Struggled with the fatigue and trying to stay in school. I was tossed between drs who didn't know what was wrong. Had a positive ANA but they weren't considered clinically insignficant and got the CFS diagnosis. Since last year, I got really depressed - medication didn't work too well,side effect made me physically more unwell. One of the physicians decided to re test and referred me to the rheumy who decided with possible SLE though not very firm as I wasn't showing enough symptoms.

Nontheless, it has caused a lot of disruption in my life. I tried to do full time study but that had horrible consequences physically and emotionally. I can't go out with my friends for long, no parties, struggle to remember things. Last night, me sister was watching a DVD and cause I was soo trashed I for some odd reason thought that she was watching it in french as she does sometime. I can't remember things taught inmy lecture,my sleep is erratic, I'm still battling depression... it's just a bit much for me right now. Even with half days and rest, the fatigue, achiness etc. I'm not feeling any better. Been on Plaquenil for 3.5 months with no relief.

Saw the psych again today and he's still playing a waiting game to see if the anti-d's increase will help and to see what the rheumy will say tomorrow. Up till now I've been living with the pain but today, he told me that I had to sort out some pain relief as it is affecting my ability to function and to play the piano which is problematic because I have to play for 40mins straight in October! I just don't see this happening.

Sorry, for the long rant and I know that there are lots of people worst of but I have just been reminded of how much life this thing is sucking out of me, how much I'm missing out on.

Anyways, I ought to go....