i have not been diagnosed with lupus yet. i have been to so many doctors, so many visits. but it seems as though they only want to treat the symptoms and not find the cause or causes of them. i became so fed up with it that i just quit going and quit trying to find answers. about a year ago my last doctor put me on cymbalta to treat depression. i am depressed but she thought it would ease my severe fatigue. it didn't. she added zoloft, i felt worse. then i found out that taking the max dose of both meds was slowly killing me. it turns out that they both work the same way and was causing an overdose of seritonin. i quit taking both, and stoped seeing my doctor.

for the last ten years i have had these symptoms and conditions that sometimes seem to last anywhere from a few days to years and then disappear as suddenly as they began. some seem to come back later and some never occur again. a there has been no logical explaination, no diagnosis for any of it. and i have never had anyone suggest lupus.

10 years ago we started trying for a baby. i got pregnant but miscarried in first trimester. a year later we tried again. got pregnant but found out it was ectopic. doctors had to remove it. we kept trying i kept losing one after another. 7 all together. last time 3 years ago, another ectopic opposite side. my tube ruptured. i had emergency surgery. i almost bleed to death. i have not been able to get pregnant since.

several years ago my hair started falling out. not just thinning, i'm talking 50% of my hair fell out in patches. it grew back, but it still falls out now and then in quarter to dime sized patches. i have had 3 recent occurances. a short time later i had this small rash on the bottom of my foot. it looked a little like ringworm. so the doctor treated it for that. but the treatment was not successfull. he didn't know what to make of it. diagnosed it as dermatitis. eventually it went away on its own. a couple of years later it came back. this time on my hands and feet. i had sores covering my fingers, the backs of my hands, even the palms. both palms were completly covered. the soles of my feet were covered as well. it looked like i stuck them in a bucket of poison ivy. again dermatitis was the diagnosis. but we could find nothing that seemed to cause it. i changed everything from laundery detergent to bath soap. nothing helped. finally 2 rounds of steriods was the only relief. it came back several months later but not as severe.

i have had fatigue off and on for the last ten years. more on than off. also visual disturbances that come and go. mainly pain and blurred vision but also trouble focusing and dry eyes. eye doctor said 20/20 vision. aches and pains more often than not. low back pain for more than a year now. various stomach probelms including ibs and cronic diarrea. but it seems it lasts for months and then disappears. then comes back months later. there are other symptoms also. one doc said that my symptoms sound really close to fibromyalgia but without the pressure points.

this is probably boring some of you reading this. i'm just going on and on. sorry just trying to get most of it out there. ok, so the last 2 months or so new symptoms like joint pain. not just arthitis type pain but like a comination of that and tendonitis. first in my elbows now also in my left knee and right shoulder. also my left ankle started to swell before that. then both ankles. off and on. now the last week or so the tip of my tongue is sore. feels like i burned it but i haven't. please help!!!!!!!! if this sounds familar to anybody please comment. thx