You know what,i do say horrible things to myself all the time to fat....noone likes me.....i CARNT do this or that......and yes sometimes i definitely do not trust my own judgment as i dont believe in myself.Or i will see a wrong,act on it,then regret saying something,like my sister wore a coat,it looked bad so i told her nicely,she was so upset,so i backtracked to take away her pain...where really i should have stook to my word.I always feel bad when people are upset because of me.So i have allot to learn and gain confidence and learn to get tough in a good way with myself. I am a people pleaser,i see it sometimes,but i am learning slowly this is making me sad inside to be afraid of everyone all the time.try not to upset so they feel good yet i feel bad.How do i change this?I am trying.