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Thread: It feels like it has been sooo long....

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    Default It feels like it has been sooo long....

    that is probably because it has been a while since I posted on here....
    How is everyone?
    I hope u are all well....

    Things have been a bit hectic here so that is why I have not been on to much....
    I have been reading in the background just not been posting...

    The baby is well and he is growing like weed so that is all great...

    I have not been very well and been very tired so that is why I have not been on much....
    plus my own website has gone rather busy so that is good and I have had loads to sort like getting my office in the city centre cleared out and stuff like that....
    all done now....

    We are also looking to move....
    The house is getting to small and the stairs are just getting to much of a hassle for my knees...
    Normal stairs would not be to bad but these are very steep and narrow so kinda take their toll on my knees....

    Not sure how and what yet....
    Might even move out of the UK... we'll see will keep u all up to date...

    anyway hope everyone is well and that you are not feeling to bad....

    The worse the bad times are the more we appreciate the good things in life..

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    hi toby,

    so glad to hear that the baby is doing is your wife? I know the two of you are enjoying the happiness that a little one brings to the home.

    so sorry to hear that you have been feeling bad....i dream of the day that we are all pain free. I understand what you are saying about the stairs....i just sigh each time i see stairs in front of me...i know it will be painful.

    good luck in looking for a new home. If you leave the UK, where do you think you will go?

    please keep us posted on your changes, also,,,,,so glad that the web site is so successful. I tried to sign on, but could never get accepted...maybe i should try again.

    share a smile today

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    Hugs back Toby....

    Good to hear from you....been wondering how things were going.

    Sorry you're having a tough time with the fatigue and knee pain. I truly understand how much of a bitch that is....makes every step, especially the stairs (up and down) a real misery. I'm hoping and praying the Methotrexate will start to help with that soon. Hang in there....hoping for better days ahead for you.

    Hugs to your litte guy....Joshua. Bet he's getting real cute and really fun to interact with now.....and about the age where the smiles just melt your heart. Enjoy him......and hope Deb is doing good too.

    Keep in touch and if there's a move in your future, let us know where you land.

    Always good to hear from you......



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    Hi tobyjug,

    Besides the bodyaches everything does sound like its going very welll for you, glad to hear the baby is doing well and growing ( smiling) thats always good, eh? You said your website was doing well thats awesome!!! Keep on keeping at it things will get better.

    Stay strong,
    Live, love, and most importantly be grateful!!

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