I know how it makes me feel - the forgetfulness, the fogginess when I'm trying to think, the vague anxiety because I feel 'off' so often, stumbling over spelling when I used to be perfect at spelling, not remembering someone's name who I know very well, forgetting words when I'm speaking, not being able to remember anything unless I write it down, etc. But where does it come from? Is it something the doctors can find by testing, or is one of those 'lupus things' that we experience but can't explain scientifically?

I've been really bothered by the brain fog, especially as I'm a teacher and thinking about going back to work in a month is kind of scary. I'm not doing too bad, and having the summer off has helped, but I don't want to forget my students' names again, or do anything else that shows I'm not on top of everything. I had a brain MRI recently and it was normal for my age (whatever that means!). I had an EEG and the technician said it 'looks good' when we finished - I'll get the official report from my doctor on Thursday. So is all this testing a waste of time? Is brain fog something they can identify somehow? And if so, is there anything to do to improve it?