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Thread: Sinus Problems

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    Default Sinus Problems

    I have been suffering for about a week with sinus problems. Stuffed up nose, then draining, then stuffed up nose again. This has been going on for about a week now. Don't know if it's a virus, or allergies. I am supposed to get shots, but can't afford right now, so I just suffer. If it is allergies, even with shots it will take months for relief. Does anyone know of a short term solution? Something over-the-counter, or even a prescription medication that has worked for allergy problems, if it is allergy.

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    AWWWW,HI Drinkofwtr!!! Sorry to hear about your sinuses! I too get these symptoms since Lupus has graced me with its presence. I use Claritin, actually the generic brand from Walmart is the EXACT same thing. This WILL work if its allergies BUT if its not then NOTHING helps me when these symptoms occur. This usually means its my nose ulcers and that can only pass when my flare calms down. GOOD LUCK and im thinking of you!!!!!

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    I am sorry that you are going through that sinus problem. If it is any consolation I have severe post nasal drainage during my flare up period. I hope you feel better soon.

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    Boy can I sympathize! I have chronic sinusitis and have dealt with sinus issues for more years then I can remember. Here are some of the things that work best for me.

    1. Be inspired by your name and drink LOTS of water. Especially a glass before bedtime. You might wake up and have an urgent need to pee but at least you will be able to breathe on your way to and from the bathroom!

    2. Buy a nasal lavage. It is available at any store that has a cold and sinus aisle. The most popular one is called a Nettie Pot. It is a little awkward to learn how to use it at first, but it works wonders. You mix 1/2 a saline solution packet (they come with the pot) and some body temperature water (not room temp) and flush out your nose, one nostril at a time. It grossed me out at first, but think I learned to think of it like this, I would gargle with salt water solution if I had a throat that was really sick and sore and this is the same as that, but in your nose. You can even YouTube videos to see how to use a Nettie Pot and there are also lavages that have pumps and do the squirting for you, which may be easier.

    3. If your post nasal drip has affected your throat, gargle with salt water. Tastes terrible, works wonders.

    4. Use a nasal saline spray. They have unmedicated brands in that same allergy aisle. I prefer Veramyst, which is a perscription brand, because it works best for me and it has no yucky roselike after taste. My doc is really good at giving me samples of Veramyst cause with my perscription plan, it's about $40 a pop. Veramyst also has a lot of $25 off coupons on their site. The OTC brands work too, but not as well.

    5. If you don't have one, get a humidifier and use it in your bedroom while you are sleeping.

    6. I don't even go to a regular PCP for my sinuses anymore. As soon as I feel the stuffiness and the drip, drip, drip, off to the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat doc) I go. He's fantastic! He does this thing were he sucks all the snots right out of me, almost down from my toes. It's painless and med free and I love how I feel immediate relief with it. He also does a sinus sonogram everytime and usually this thing that looks like the breathing treatments for asmathics, but is with the nose. All good stuff to make me feel better.

    7. Rest, rest, and rest. Take a hot shower before bed, and get lots of sleep. Better then any med I can think of!

    8. Like Lucky7, I also use an OTC allergy med too. Not clariten since it doesn't help my itchy eyes, but the store brand. I also find that if I am already feeling too sick, the allergy med does nothing for me. I have to start it the minute I feel like I might have a sinus issue.

    Hope this all helps and that you feel better soon. I would also add that I have learned the hard way, that if I ignore my body and don't take these preventative measures when I can, I am sick anywhere from a week to several months with sinus infections , kicking my butt for not listening to my own advise the whole time!
    As long as this body works, I am going to enjoy life to the fullest for each second of every moment that I can.

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