Hi Everyone.
Lately more so right now then ever I have had muscle spasms all over from my fingers to my toes, back, legs, hands, arms, feet, and even my face.

The only place that doesn't cramp however is my face and head.

The twitching has gotten so bad my husband made a comment the other day that he was awake all night from my body twitching through out the night keeping him awake. I of course was unaware as I was completely passed out.

The twitching is nerve racking. To top it off if I try and stretch, whether it be my legs, feet, arms or back I end up with severe cramps.

The other day I was driving no less and it happened with my left foot. I had to reach down and physically move my foot so it would no longer be locked up and I could continue to drive. Scary. I never know when or where this is going to happen and if freaks me out along with frustrating me because there seems to be nothing I can do to prevent this.

Does ANYONE else have these symptoms too? What do you do to fix it? Or how do you cope with it? I need some suggestions as I am all out of them.

Its no longer just effecting me but my husband as well. The twitching is effecting him......and the cramping up of the muscles is definetly making my life more challenging on a day to day basis.

Let me know please if you have these symptoms and have found something that helps.

I won't be stretching out for a marithon any time soon.

Thanks, and God bless all of you.