Hi my loves! I am sorry I have been missing for a few days but as you know Tim is still gone and my friend Krya has not left me alone because of the doctors appointment last week. We ended up going up north for the weekend to Flagstaff. It was a nice break from the Phoenix heat and it was so nice that they included me in their family activities this weekend

I have a question for all of you. Do you ever have problems with your Lymph Nodes? I have one that is on my leg near the groin area and it is swollen. The doctor saw it last Tuesday and just told me to watch it over the next three weeks. I was wondering if you all have these issues and how long does it normally take for them to go down? I have read that Lymph Nodes will swell during flares. After last Tuesday I am a little paranoid about everything and with Tim gone have lots of time to worry and if this is normal I will put in the back of my head for another day! Thanks so much and I missed you all this weekend and I am so glad to be back in touch!!!!!