Hello Everyone,

I am a newly diagnosed Lupus patient. I was diagnosed with SLE in May. The same day I was diagnosed with Lupus...I was admitted to the hospital because of my Kidneys - I was about 3 days away from Kidney failure (WOW SCARY) and I also found out I had 2 blood clots (ROUGH RIDE that month...wow). Currently, I am on tons of medication and I am feeling alot better...however, I am experience a ton of my hair shedding. I feel like my hair is thinning incredibly. I have told my doctors several times...and honestly I feel like they don't take my seriously. It is driving me crazy. I am trying Nioxin to see if it helps. My hair length is a little past my shoulders and I am debating on cutting it shorter. I am also taking Vitamin B (folic acide) because that is what the doc told me to do. I am so worried about it - I am getting married in October and wanted my hair to be beautiful and long and thick and pretty but as of right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have any suggestions or advice? How long does this typically last?

Any help or insight would be great!