I started this thread because I love user names. A user name tells a lot about a person regardless of whether it's just your name or not. By using just your name you are pretty much revealing yourself to the world as you are ..straightforward nothing to hide. More creative user names indicates something you are fond of whether its a memory or part of your heritage.

So share the story behind your user name.

My user name is Spanglishqueen:

Well I'm Puerto Rican, I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in TN. I grew up in a household in which my parents encouraged us to speak both languages. When I didn't know a word in English I'd say it in Spanish. Therefore I ended up speaking a combination of both languages hence the word Spanglish. And since I did it so often even with my Spanish clients I became Spanglish queen.

So muchas gracias everybody for listening to me.