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Thread: Menopause at 30..........

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    Default Menopause at 30..........

    Some of you already know but I wanted to share this with everyone. I had a lot of blood tests the other day. I have been having hot flashes for about 7 months now. These are nothing like the night sweats we get with Lupus.......this was different. So, the doctor said it probably isn't happening but we should check because of the extended time this has been going on. So, I went in a had my results read to me today. First, my oxygen levels were low so we increased my asthma medicine. My good cholesterol is perfect and so are my triglycerides. My bad cholesterol is 40 points over the normal range. The doctor said my diet is fine and my weight is perfect so it is not caused by my diet. He said it is probably genetic and brought out a bit early due to my Lupus. I am supposed to exercise a bit more and keep my heart rate up and take some supplements to help lower it. If this does not help I will go on cholesterol medicine. So, he then told me that I am really having hotflashes and it is not in my herad. My hormone levels are very low and the ovary function is also low, these are indicators of menopause. He also said that there was another test done where my brain seems to not be sending or receving certain messages and that I may need to go see a neurologist and an endocrinologist.

    I am doing ok right now as I write this but there are times when I just cry. I am 30, very young and I have not started my family yet but was hoping to in the next 5 years. At this point it doesn't look like that will be possible. I wrote in my other post but I will include it here too, it is one thing to decide to not have kids but to have that decision taken away from me is devastating. I am worried about Tim and the fact that is we decide to get marrie some day he will be giving up biological children. I am sure if he was here I would feel a little more reassured about that. It is just a hard change to accept and move past but I know I can do this. Rob mention to me that I was able to get through bad news before and I will be able to get through bad news again. I just have to have faith and hold my head up through all of this. I also know that there are millions of children out there around the world that need homes and adoption is something I could do in the future. I think being a parent is not about giving birth to a child because almost everyone has the ability to do is the ability to love and raise that child and take care of it for the rest of your life, that's being a parent. Time will tell what life has to offer.

    Thank you everyone for your love and support during this time. You are angels through out my day and you keep me smiling I am a better person because you are all in my life
    As I grow to understand life less and less,
    I learn to love it more and more.

    Age 29, Lupus for last 7 years

    Medications: Methotrexate, Lyrica, Celebrex, Flexeril, Theophylline, Bactrim, Xopenex, Lisinopril, Ultram

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    Danica, I'm so sorry about your blood work. Having menopause is difficult enough, when it comes before having a child, I can only imagine your pain. I do wish you all the best.

    I had read your other post, you asked if we had any remedies for hot flashes. I had a hysterectomy, before menopause started, so I was thrust into the hot flashes pretty much overnight.

    A few things that worked for me:

    Mexican Yams, you can get this as an extract as well. It has been 6 yrs since my hysterectomy and for the life of me I can't recall where I got the Yams, you should be able to locate it using a google search.
    Soy Milk, soy is extremly helpful but works best as a food item vs supplements.
    Almost any kind of bean will help.

    A few days after my surgery I joined a site, although you are not having a hysterectomy, there is some awesome tips on hot flash ease over there.

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