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    Default middle of the night

    Hello everyone out there it's me Beth again! It's the middle of the night and the wonderful coughing fits have forced me from sleeping yet another night. Thanks for the thought about plurisy but they checked for that about 4 months ago and said nope, good idea though, they said a good possiblility of whooping cough that would be a hoot! I'm just getting to that frustrating point with all of this and not having any answers, 4 months of tests and still they don't know what is causing this, my kidneys feel like they are going to bust out through my back, I get such violent dry heaves and throwing up with these coughing episodes get them anywhere from none in a day to 10 and they last from 5-45 minutes. I have no voice at all my vocal cords are so raw from the coughing. I have to go see an allergist in 2 weeks to see if that is the cause, hope it's not yet another dead end! Good news for my health though tommarrow is my quit day for smoking! Yeah I know I shouldn't be smoking and I'm sure some of you are saying well that is where your cough is comming from! : ) But hey at least I finally came to my sences and am quiting I just hope now I have the will power to do this! My husband is quiting with me so at least I won't be alone! Wish me luck! I will need it, lol! Still waiting to see if someone out there is looking for a new friendship and be pen pals so to speak, god I sound like I'm in 7th grade! lol Anyone interested just email me! It's nice to be able to turn to other people and know that they understand what your feeling and what your going through. Well thanks for listening to a woman on her pitty pot! But hey I deserve to be on one for a little bit I have been going through this almost 5 months now! lol I've earned it! lol Take care everybody!

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    Default middle of the night

    Well, even tho you are suffering yet another sleepless night, you sound sort of upbeat and I am glad about that. I am also glad to hear that you HAVE!!! quit smoking. Not that you are trying, be affirmative and say "I have quit smoking!" :-) It may not be the underlying cause of your cough, but it is probably an aggravating factor!
    You may write to me at anytime - my e-mail address is:
    Peace and Blessings

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