i was recently diagnosed w mild lupus; i started on 200mg of plaquenil 2x's/day on 7-2-05; by 7-12 i started getting a rash on my arms and by 7-14 it progressed to my entire body, although it was more visable in the areas that are not tan; it also became itchy;i've never had sensitivity to the sun;i was told by my dr to completely stop the med for 1wk & start back up but only 1 pill/day;the rash/itchiness is now gone, but on 7-29 i started getting vertigo symptoms (sudden movement causing light headedness/dizziness) and feeling sickly in my stomach with constant burping; i've never have had these symptoms before and now they have been pretty constant for the past 48hrs, so i haven't started back on the plaquenil yet;i see my dr on 8-2; i was wondering if this could be a withdrawal symptom or a sign that lupus is effecting my central nervous system :?: