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Thank Danica and Rob,

Today is definitely a challenge. I was off yesterday thank god, but today Im back up and at work. Trying not to lose it. This is a real tough time for me and this website helps me with coping knowing that Im not alone. Rob, you're gonna be just fine. God would never give you anything you cant handle, remeber that, so the next time you ask yourself why its because he knows that you are strong and will prevail through anything. You definitely inspire me Rob, YOU ROCK!!!!!

And Danica, I almost dont believe you are a real person, lol.... so sweet its unreal I feel really blessed to have met you. THx Hon you're the best!!!

Thank for listening and checking on me

Thank you for your sweet words. I just care about you and what happens to you......I want you here for a VERY long time! I also feel blessed to have your love and support in life. I hope this message find you feeling a little bit better. I am thinking of you every day and hopefully the positive thoughts will help. I am sending you lots of gently hugs