but still not sure what it all means. I was sent off to a rheumatologist after my ANA test came back the first time, 1:320, nucleolar. 5 weeks later I was tested for a lot of things and the only thing to really come back positive is the ANA, this time 1:160. Here's the rest, with the two oddities or near oddities at the top:

C3 - 89 (normal 90-180)**
dRVVT (dilute Russel's Viper Venom) 41.9/sec (normal 0-42.8 ) **
C4 - 20 (normal 9-36
CH50 - 42 (normal 22-60)
Anticardiolipin - all three negative
RNP Antibodies - 31 (normal 0-99)
Smith Antibodies - 43 (normal 0-99)
Sjogren's Anti SS-A - 23 (normal 0-99)
Sjogren's Anti SS-B - 13 (normal 0-99)
Scl-70 - 38 (normal 0-99)
Anti-dsDNA - 23 (normal 0-99)

Anyway, on paper it doesn't really look like anything is going on. My sed rate was normal, so was my c-reactive protein, so was my urine analysis.

My physical symptoms are hand/feet/joint pain/sensations, fatigue, periodic hair loss, IBS, migraines, pleurisy, and I also have been diagnosed with autoimmune gluten-intolerance (not Celiac).

I have my follow up rheumatologist appointment on Aug 5 so will find out more then. Just wondering if it's possible to still have a connective tissue disease with these lab results.

I don't know if I'm happy or sad about this. I have been having a rough time with my stomach lately and have gone in and out with joint pain. A good solid answer would be nice but I realize that's not what happens most of the time.

Any feedback would be great...