Hello Everyone!

I'm a 35 year old female. I have never been here before, and I have not been diagnosed with Lupus, however my older sister has it and I have often wondered if I may also.

My husband is active duty Army, so much like one of your members who I read is in the Air Force, it seems I never have the same doctor twice in order to really be able to narrow down all the medical mysteries that I've experienced.

I've been tested about three times, by three different doctors. Each time nothing comes up pointing at Lupus. But each time I tell them the things that I'm experiencing, they seem to think enough of it to test me.

I've had bouts with major fatigue, muscle aches and joint pain, and some very bizarre itching on my legs after I dry off from a shower or bath. I have never had sensitivity to the sun however, and I can't say I've experienced any rashes either. I do get weird crusty spots on my scalp (which I've often wondered if maybe it's just dry scalp) and small hard bumps that eventually go away.
But for me it's the fatigue that's the hardest part to deal with, which comes out of no where and lasts sometimes 2-3 weeks. It's sort of like when you have the flu and your miserable, achy and tired.

So, I'm not sure what's going on, but sometimes I wonder if I've been misdiagnosed, or if it's nothing. My sister worries, thinking all the time that I have Lupus. I just wish I could get someone to really pay attention to what is going on, instead of just waving it off like I'm nuts or something.

Thanks for listening!