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Thread: Cry....cry...

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    Thanks for all of your prayers, you all are blessings to me. I was just having a couple of bad days and I feel better now. I count my blessings instead of my short comings. But this site is great for helping when I am down and out, and great when I am feeling up, who woulda thunk a website can provide more support than the friends around us. THANK YOU!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leksie View Post
    I don't know what this is....I feel like I could cry at the drop of a dime. My stepson is here for the summer, its hard to explain to a 10 yr old why I can't do all the things I used to with him. We have always had a special bond since he was about a year old. He knows his father and I have been trying to make him a little brother or sister and I have failed 2 times. I can't spend the time that I want with him because of work and when I'm not at work I am too tired to play. I feel like I am treating him just the same as his mother who never has time for him. I feel like I am failing at the stepmother role. Also work is not going great. I returned about 2 weeks ago from a month of LOA and while I feel like I am back in the swing of things, I feel like I am not 100% so I am failing at that too. I know I am an overachiever and I've got to learn how to slow down. It's just not easy.... My mom spent 3 weeks visiting me and has now returned to Massachusetts. I miss her...
    I understand about feeling tired and wanting to be normal and perfect. Sounds like your body is saying slow down and take care of it. Don't allow the drugs and guilt to take over...which I know is hard. I had a spell where I was so tired and on top of being tired I CRIED at everything...commercials I would normally laugh at or watching certain shows...BOO HOOed. Talking to family/friends I just cried and I have never been an emotional person. I told my Dr. and she did say it was the drugs. I understand about your step son and My niece and nephew looked at me when I was first diagnosed and I could see the concern in their faces but those emotions have passed and now I have you will too. Things will turn around and you will get back to feeling like you again!

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