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Thread: Dizzy/Spinning

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    Quote Originally Posted by red246 View Post
    Sorry you get it too. My ground isn't spinning though, my head is. It's like everything else is completely normal except inside my head. But then again, that kinda goes right along with everything else, cuz don't ya know "It's all in your head!" Sorry, that's mine & hubby's joke since all the docs basically kept saying that for so long!

    I typed up an entire response and of course I accidentally deleted it. Ergh.

    I work in a hospital and have access to (which I recommend to anyone who has access). It provides a user friendly description of diseases, etc as well as an in-dept description.

    So regarding vertigo.. it's explained as a symptom not a diagnosis. As I have experienced, it manifests itself in two different ways. You either feel like you're moving (like in your head haa) or as if the environment around you is moving. I have had both and they are equally as bad. So there's also something called Migrainous Vertigo, which is vertigo in association with migraines.

    I have posted in the other topic forum regarding Vertigo, but I think there is a link with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease. Probably worth seeing an ENT doctor especially because Vertigo can be very debilitating.
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    Just 1 week ago I went to my neuro dr. and he told me I had Movement Disorder. Said that here isn't much that could be done with it. It caused dizziness and went I would take my blood pressure when that happebed it was always low. Like 77/46 or lower. Or my body temp drops too 96 at times to. I have 3 specialist, my Rhumatoligist, Nueroligist and my Oerhopedic Dr. And before I will allow them to be part of my team, they ALL must send reports if each visit and confir with him.

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