I went for my 2nd opinion with the new rheumy yesterday. I wasn't sure what I was going to think when I was walking in because the office looks like it hasn't been renovated since 1975. That said, when I got there I was a little late because I got lost (in my foggy brain I remembered the address as 565 instead of 556 and just couldn't find the place). When I walked in, there was only one other person in the waiting room. My appointment was for 10:30am and I was surprised to see the waiting room so empty. The doctor was even taking the time to discuss a patient's symptoms and medications on the phone at the receptionist desk and he was making notes of what that person said in their chart. My impression was picking up. Before the exam, I was given time to sit with the doctor and discuss all my symptoms. He was impressed that I had all my recent labs and medical notes and xrays with me and complimented me on "doing my homework". I said, "If you had seen as many doctors as I have for as many problems as I've had in the last few years, you would be doing your homework when you made an appointment with a new doctor too!" Thankfully, he laughed with me. He asked me about some of my symptoms and I had to show him my pics. (Again he was impressed with that but noted that even pics don't completely reflect the extremeness of a symptom). He asked me about all of my medical history, the family history, the symptoms that brought me to him. I told him I was a little frustrated that I wasn't really showing symptoms at this visit but he reassured me that he was happy I wasn't since it meant I was feeling better and that based on my history and symptoms, he would have thought it was probably a good thing to see a rheumatologist too. He also noted that my previous blood labs looked 'relatively normal' and that with an AI issue, the problem the doctors have is that the labs and the patient will often look normal even when there actually is a problem (HALLELUJAH! He understands!
). I am a little frustrated that he isn't seeing me today since I have a raging headache since last night and my cheeks are just aflame right now. Oh well! Such is life. He ran new labs, looked over the xrays and wanted me to get a chest xray. He said with the chest pain and swollen ankles there was a slim chance that I could have an AI that started with an S that I couldn't pronounce (sacloydosis maybe?), but he really didn't think I have that based on all my symptoms. He wanted me to do the xray so he can confirm that that could be ruled out. After a quick physical and the blood, he sat me down and we talked about a followup. He wants me back in 3 weeks. As we are wrapping up, he says to me (pointing at my cheeks), "that is makeup, isn't it?" and I was like, nope. I can see that was interesting to him and I am interested to see what he says in 3 weeks. I didn't tell him that I already suspect Lupus because I want an unbiased opinion that isn't affected by the power of suggestion. I will bring it up in 3 weeks if he doesn't mention it first. I will let you know how it all goes, but all in all, I am thinking that he is the better choice for me as a rheumy then the 1st person I saw. Keep your fingers crossed for me!