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    Default Thrush Treatment

    I've been disappointed because any treatment they want to try on me seems to be pending the resolution of the thrush. I think I have it under control, but the back of my tongue still looks white. I call the doctor and they just give me more Nystatin and don't say anything about retesting it.

    Now that I know that thrush is common with Lupus patients, I have a couple questions. Is it common with Lupus whether you are on immunsupprents and/or Prednisone or just having Lupus make you susceptable? Can it be hard to get rid of? What happens with your treatment when you are on it (if it caused by immunosuppressents are they able to clear it out while still on them)?

    Final question is does having Thrush have any indication of a more systematic yeast situation? Does having Lupus make us more suseptible to that? I ask because when they put me on Flucanozole for the Thrush, it made my tummy hurt (and sweat...ick) but my joints, muscles and sinus drainage all felt better....


    My Avatar represents most of my doctors. They don't want to look at what is going on, listen to what I'm saying or tell me anything!! Sound familiar?

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    Larz, I don't really have any answers for you but I wanted to offer ((((hugs))). I'm so sorry you're still battling thrush!

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