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Thread: leg pain/spasms/numbness/clot?

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    Question leg pain/spasms/numbness/clot?

    Wasn't sure what title to put since I'm having a lot of leg problems. lol

    A while ago I started having problems with my left leg - spasms, tingly feeling (like something crawling on my skin...well more precisely feels like it's crawling UNDER my skin), pain in my hip, numbness in my ankle.

    A few weeks ago I had a problem with the vein on my knee - I have what I assume is a varicose vein on my knee and up my thigh a little that developed when I was pregnant (it's raised and bumpy so I think that's considered varicose?). One day I felt something hard under my pants and when I looked, the vein was really sticking out right on my knee cap and hard as a rock. A few minutes later the hard spot was gone and my entire knee cap was purple/bruised like it had ruptured or something. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said a clot could have ruptured (I have lupus anticoagulant disorder). Side note...this happened a day after I had a CT scan with contrast so the contrast dye was injected.

    Since this vein thing happened, I've had increasing pain in my knee and leg in general and the spasms and numbness are worse as well. It's gotten to the point I can barely walk up stairs. Today I couldn't feel the middle 2 toes on that foot for a while but now the feeling is back but the spasms are driving me crazy.

    I get occasional spasms elsewhere but these are almost constant and while they are all in my left leg, the spasm location varies throughout my leg.

    I am taking Plaquenil but just started that this week (recently diagnosed) and am also on Mepron (another anti-malarial for Babesiosis which is tick transmitted) and 2 antibiotics for Lyme.

    Anyone else had any similar problems that can give me any suggestions? The spasm-y (is that a word?) problems seemed more toward ms symptoms but all tests I've had pointed to Lupus and my doctor feels confident (I've been seeing her for 2 years so she knows my history well.) Anyone that can help?? Thanks!!


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    I have the leg spasms and neuropathy, too. An MRI showed that I have osteonecrosis, or AVN. I've had an arthroscopic surgery to trim a torn meniscus and to shave back the necrotic bone, but it still was hurting and spasming. My smart new Rheumy has started me on some injections of artificial sinovial fluid into the knee, and it's working. I'm walking better and the spasms and neuropathy are a lot less!
    When the spasms were really bad, it really scared my cat! He would be cuddled up next to my laptop, when the spasms would suddenly make my laptop jump up and down, and would dump my poor baby right off of my lap!
    It sounds like yours could have something to do with you vein problems. You might want to ask about AVN (Avascular Necrosis). It basically means that the blood flow has been cut off to the bone, letting the bone die. Could your vein problem have caused this?

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