Summer is the worst time of the year for me "flare" wise. I probably should have planned this out better but I called my Rheumatologist to see if Methotrexate would be helpful to add to my Plaquenil for the summer. I am very fatigued (new symptom) and my joints started hurting again recently. On top of this I'm having some skin problems. All of these issues point to an immune process or flare. Last summer sucked and I'm not going through that again.

She wants me to get checked for sleep apnea - I know for a fact I do not have sleep apnea. I am going to get my blood work CBC, TSH, ESR and Arthritic Panel done today at my GP's office and ask for a oral steroids.

Do any of you find Summer time is the worst time for you? Do you stay on steriods to get through the summer time? I'm considering this as an option