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    Exclamation horrible fatique

    I'm not sure where I left off last...

    In April / May I was in and out of the hospital. :Long story, but I had a Subclavian Bypass done on May 20th. I was also taken of of my birth control pills and all other hormones but my thyroid hormones.

    So far, the last few weks have heen ok. I've been healing from the bypass but that was the easy part.

    I returned back to work on Monday and was very excited about this. I started getting what I think is the Lupus Rash just within the past 2 weeks. It doesn't really hurt or itch - just looks wierd. (I put a picture of it in my albums in my profile)

    Another new symptom that just started this week is horrible fatique. This fatiquee is the kind where you're not sure whether or not you'll be able to haul your own body weight out of bed. Driving yesterday morning was a bad idea. I cannot believe how many times I closed my eyes going down the road and of course I didn't realze it until later.
    I'm getting plenty of sleep and I'm not takeing any new medication. Its been a month since my bypass and I've had more energy in the past month that this should not be normal.

    THe medication I'm taking for Lupus is Plaquenil 200 MG twice a day and I've been on Plaquenil for 3 months.

    I cannot pump myself full of Red Bull. How do you deal with this? For those of you who starte taking methotrexate, is it true that it helps with fatique?

    I have to work!! I can't be a zombie.
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