Hi everyone, New to the board. Have had lupus since 1983, and have had all of the symptoms listed on the board that is now causing heartache and pain for others. I have been pretty lucky as far as living a somewhat normal, functioning life. I was very ill the first year after being dx. Was in the hospital for a month on high iv's of steroids for lupus of the CNS, other than waking up each and every day with some form of aches and pain, and the meds causing my body to fall apart, I 'm o.k. until now. The Dr. did a 24 hr urine and found some protein in my urine, said it was probably a low grade kidney infection caused by the lupus and sent me to the kidney Dr. I went today and he said my kidneys are functioning great, I feel real good, actually better than I have for a long time. No blood in urine and other than the protein, the other lab work is fine. I have had HBP for the laast couple of months, which they say is a sign of a kidney problem. Anyway, he gave me a mild, not the wicked ace inhibitor, (Altace, 5mg), will have blood and urine tests, and an ultra sound of my kidney and bladder. I am a little afraid, course as usual, I try to tell myself that there really isn't much I can do about whatever is wrong. I just hate being at the mercy of the doctors and all this wicked medication we all have to take to stay alive. As all of you have probably said as I have many times. It is a catch-22. I immediately read all I could on protein in urine and found it could be something simple or something dreadful. I am just wondering how I could feel so good and have something real bad wrong with my kidneys? I would welcome any and all replies to my email address or the board. I am really concerned and don't have anyone to talk to about all this. I will also answer any questions you guys might have about symptoms if I know about it. Thank you for listening. Linda