Yeah like someone noted, 80-120 is normal. With increased urination and thirst this is a sign of diabetes. If you're checking it regularly then it may be able to wait a few days but it can be very dangerous. If you get too low, you could go into a coma and die from lack of sugar. If it gets to high, again with the coma and you could go into DKA, diabetic ketoacodosis, which is really bad and you will have to be hospitalized in the ICU because this is also life threatening. And like Sandy said, steroids do have an affect on BS. I would definitely go to the doctor. I know money's tight and the lack of health insurance sucks, but a few hundred dollars is worth your health. Without you, your life doesn't go on. Don't mean to sound mean, but it's true. This is a serious issue, your body can't survive without proper sugar levels.