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I have to weigh in on this one...FIRST you are not his mother...your his wife. I understand how you feel as my granny is the same way. She expects me/family to be the working mule she is and has been all her life. My granny is 85 years old, she washes her own car, paints her own house inside/out, cuts her own lawn, goes to church EVERY Sunday, cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner and never missed a day of work! She expects us to be the same but I am not from that generation and obviously neither are you. Yeah, we probably could do all these things but to be honest...I just don't want to and now with Lupus even if my mind says I can do it...my body says YEAH RIGHT! So don't feel bad and don't apologize. You never asked for Lupus and neither did I. I don't recall EVER standing in line for the LUPUS ride and now that I am on this ride I try everyday to get off of it...I pray to get off...and get on the REMISSION FOREVER ride!!! Your husband is there physically but emotionally he isn't which is just as bad as not being there at all. My boyfriend left when I was diagnosed and I thought he really was going to be there for me but better he left then...then after we got married. Please be strong and pray on it. I am here if you need to vent or need someone to be angry with you!!!
Love and hugs!!!
Just remember your feelings are not debateable!!!
I totally agree, and I cant help having Lupus, Alcohol abuse is a choice, atleast in the beginnng! Bless you sweetie! I hope you have a great night!