I need prayer, I have been fighting major infections for months now. From stomach to skin and now I have two bad teeth that needs root canals. The dentist don't want to wait as I am now back on Imuran and antibiodics so tomorrow morning they are going to do both teeth. (Upper Left and Lower right).

The big thing is that Saturday is my oldest sons HS graduation. We are expecting 20 -30 out of town relatives to show up. My son has learning issues and has been in special education since before Kindergarten so for him to be graduating on time and with a slightly modified diploma with a 3.65 gpa all four years with little assistance is a major accomplishment in this young mans life.

When he entered kindergarten we were told he was severly mentaly retared and he would never be able to tye his own shoes let alone be on his own or drive a car or talk properly. Well he proved them wrong. He has a job, he is driving, he can tie his own shoes, talk & for fun he trains & shows dogs in 4H as a hobby. He can read at an 8th grade level and has done algabra with very little help from anyone he excelled in Band and JROTC.

I don't want to be sick or hurting this weekend I want to enjoy watching my son get his diploma and celebrate with the rest of the family! We are so proud of him for not quiting when school got tough but hanging in there. It hasn't been easy for him or us but he did it and now we get to celebrate.

I hate that I have to have two root canals tomorrow but at least I will be able to eat again (eating this last week has been extremely painful). Please be in prayer for me.

Thank you