Hi, My name is Melissa and I have SLE, sjogrens syndrome, mitral valve prolapse and diabetes. I suppose I have MMP for short. Multiple medical problems.

I was diagnosed in 2002 and my symptoms were first a minor rash, a heaviness in my chest, some headaches,SEVERE fatigue that I could not really describe and memory and concentration problems. At first I was in denial and I thought the docs were CrAzY!!! I went from NO MEDS to many meds. I thought I was imagining everything and I was CrAzY too. My rheumy told me that this was just the beginning and they were right because over just 3 years everytime i got a flare it manifested itself in so many different ways. I have not really had too much joint problems but I have have now or have experienced migraine headaches, rashes, interstitial lung disease, night sweats, mouth sores, and the list goes on. I seem to get flares in the heat. Last year and right now, I have been experiencing severe exhaustion, right sided headaches with tachycardia (fast heartbeat) memory problems and unable to concentrate. I dont know what the future is for someone in my situation. I am a single parent of 2. A boy (almost 15 and a girl almost 10). I work FT for a radiology firm and I sometimes dont know how I get up each day and work 8 hours. But the alternative is living on $800.00 a month and I could not live like that. I feel trapped.

Right now I would like to ask if anyone has experienced my current symptoms and if they know about B 12 deficiency? My sister mentioned to me to get tested?

Also, is anyone in the Sacramento, CA area??

Thanks for listening!!