Hey guys, this is going to sound weird, but I'm gonna go for it any way. I used to smoke (age 12-16) then I quit, then I started again (20-22). I quit smoking again for about six months, and I basically only quit because my fiance wanted to know if I felt any better when I didn't smoke. I didn't feel any better, and I've kinda picked up smoking again, and I told my fiance today that I wanted to smoke again. He's very upset about it. He really doesn't want me too, and I know that many of you won't want me to either. I have quit easily several times before, but I really enjoy smoking. I just wanted to know if any of you who do smoke feel any worse/better when you do and/or don't smoke. I know this is probably the oddest question on here, but I TRULY enjoy smoking, and I want to do it again socially, not like a pack a day habit. I've really always been a social smoker any way, not excessive. Constructively, I would like to know what everyone thinks.