As I said, DHEA has really helped me.
Ive been doing really well, then I used to be. My hair stopped falling out, thank god, and its growing again..
Im back at work, 4 hrs a day, and in another month, Ill be going full time.
My body really isnt bothering me much, and Ive had a lot of energy.
Im back on my plaquenil, and down to 10 mg of prednisone.
Ive got SLE, and unfortunately, I did start back smoking again. I had quit for 6 months...

but..I really do recommed DHEA. I really didnt think it would work, but it has. Its unreal. I only take 50 mg a day too. He wanted me to take 100, but I forgot, and just have been taking 1 pill. LOL