I love to go camping. We camped all the time all over the place, in good weather and in bad weather, having fun, teaching survival skills. For the last 3 summers I have been unable to camp. I watch as my husband and my son walk out the door to go on another camping adventure. This one really hurts because it involves my 2 favorite hobbies camping and rock hunting. The scouts are going to eastern Oregon to hunt for sun stones. I tried so hard and had my hopes high to go on this trip. I found a tent trailer we could use so I could climb the stairs to the trailer and have a bed not a mat and a sleeping bag. I just wanted to go even if I couldn't hike to the rock site, I could share in all the cool stones they found when they got back. I could sit by the fire, breathe in the fresh air and just be out....camping! My husband said he thought it was a bad idea for me to go. "The trip will be too long, Beckey. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think you should go!" I was crushed and told him he was wrong. They left for the meeting to tell them I wouldn't be going. I cried and cried till I had no more tears. Then I started thinking that he is a good man and has my best interest at heart, so what did he see that I didn't. The trip is a 4 hour drive one way and I can barely make it for an hour before the pain skyrockets. The trip was too fast, they are leaving Friday evening and coming home Sunday. The time to recoop was just not there. So here I am about to be left home alone again. There is some light at the end of my camping tunnel, my husband promised to scout out the area for a family trip. We will take a longer time frame, so I can camp again finally. I hope he keeps his word. For 3 years now there has been excuses why we can't go on our own. I'm tired of excuses and told him he had to promise to take me and no excuses it has to be this summer. He promised so for now I wait alone praying that this is the year I will go camping once again!