I have been doing my research of fibromyalgia and appreciate your help on the information about the trigger points. I am suppose to see my rheum in a couple of weeks but I think I will see about going sooner. There was a change in weather last night (cold front with rain moved in) and my body hurt all over I couldn't stand to move in bed. Today I'm a little better but my one knee is so painful and my fingers hurt. I have more bad days then good days anymore.

My husband keeps telling me to quit my job and look for something else. I hate being a quitter but it may be time to stop working. There are just so many goals we have in our life right now and not working will really put us behinde and I think that could cause stress in our house. My husband if very supportive but at the same time he is goal oriented so it will be hard for him if I'm not working. I just want to be like I was 7 years ago in remission and able to do so much. Now I push myself through a day of work and when I get home my body shuts down and I become so sore. I'm just so frustrated! My life is so pathetic anymore.

Sorry, I'm just becoming increasingly frustrated that my quality of life has declined so much. I'm only 30 and I never imagined I would be where I am at yet. I thought in about another 10 years or so before I would have issues. My goals for this time of my life are so out of reach.