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Thread: Good idea/bad idea

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    I think that you should do it. I got some really good advice from a nurse in the hospital on sunday. She said "Angie, you dont have to do anything you dont want to do as far as the doctor is concerned. You live in America. If you think your body can handle going home, then go home!" I sat back and thought . . . you know she is right. I listen to my doctor normally, but because of that I have missed out on some pretty awesome things that I SO regret not doing. Dont live your life with regrets! It is too early in the game to let them start putting limits on you!! You know what your body can handle. It will let you know!!
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    hi shepardgirl,

    i agree with rob....i vote that you have a heart to heart with your rheumy and promise that you will drop out if it causes problems for your health. You might want to even sign a waiver that you will not pursue any legal claims against the dr. if something does go wrong. Malpractice suits dictate so many decisions in the medical profession.

    Lupus is trying to take control of our is so important that we try to control what we can, for as long as we can. If this is a dream, then do everything that you can to pursue it. If your body can not tolerate this strenuous endeavor, it will let you know. Even if it causes a flare, you will be able to say that you tried.

    i also say go to the zoo with your daughter.

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