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    Unhappy Lupus flare 1...Me 0

    Just thought id let you all know my lupus is flaring woo!

    if i go off radar you will kno why,

    I went to be d last night (not to late) woke up at 02:30 Sleep paralysis hits again!
    so i decided to get up, stayed awake speaking to haha Rasta, then returned to bed at 07:00, then woke up at 10:30am to see someone and receive summin other than a poll vote leaflet which the lady said (as she gave it to me) "dont worry we are not like MP's we dont reap fro the benefits" which i found really amusing

    Anyway went back to bed and woke up @ 20:00 thats me done in now, ive got no GO GO GO in me, i have an itch on my shoulder which i cant scratch cause everytime i do it feels like some burning hot liquid is being poured into my skin, my eyes are stinging, im aching from head to toe, my back is soo bloody painful right now, its the worse its been in a long time, my hips feel like they have been bashed severall times, the joints are unbarable to touch, shoulders neck and head hurts soo much too and im well over due, plus the emotions are just summin else right now, lol i cried over a koala today on the tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGGHHHHH help!

    So there we go just tell me to shut the hell up now

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