Does any have extreme Itchiness all over there body after showering, or just all the time. I have been having an extremely painful itch all over my body, especially after showering, sometimes even when i don't shower, it's not surface and there is no rash, unless I scratch, and then a hives form over the parts that I itched. I went to my GP and she told me I have CREST (which stands for Calcium, Raynauds, Esophageal, Sclerodactyl, Telangiectasia). But the thing is I only show signs of Raynauds and Acid reflux/stomach ulcers out of that. So I don't think thats what I have. I also went to the Dermatologist yesterday, and he said I have Dermographics. The dermatologist diagnosis makes more sense to me, but there is no cure for it except high doses of antihistamines, like hydroxyzine. I am already on a plethra of medication for all my Lupus issues, and would hate to add another to that list. Has anyone else experienced this issue???