Just wanted to share some info that may help. I met with a woman who has had lupus for 17 years - has been through all the standard treatments and had these suggestions for me. (spelling might not be bang on)

Indol Carbanol 3 - helps regulate hormones especially the "bad" estrogen
Omega 3-6-9 - also a hormone regulator but has a bunch of other benefits
Sterolins - Plant Sterol - also known as immune care
DHEA - She swears by it for increased energy and sex drive
Adrenal Sense (by Lorna VanDerhaag) - adrenal gland supplement

These things may be helpful if you think your lupus has a hormonal/adrenal gland problem origin. (I think mine does) I am trying these things one at a time to see if I get any relief.

Also - I am on Enbrel (RA biologics drug) have been for 6 months and my joints have been much better. Other Lupus symptoms are severe though so it doesn't seem to be controlling the whole disease, but for those of you whose main symptom is pain - Enbrel definitely helped reduce my pain (and prednisone dosage from 30 to 15mg)

hope this is helpful - try to live well . Just remember that everyone has something that they deal with either physical, mental or both.