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Thread: How can you tell its a true flare?

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    Default How can you tell its a true flare?

    hi all. I had a bad flare that lasted a month like two weeks ago. I only had a few days to a week where I was completely symptom free. Then over a few days some symptoms have come back(rash, fatigue, tingliness,brain fog)but some things like the bad leg pain and headaches have not. Just wondering how you tell a true flare apart from just "symptoms" or are they just "mini" flares? -Brittanee
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    Hydrocortisone 10mg A.M. & 10mg 4P.M.
    Keppra-1250mg 2x/day
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    Protonix 40mg 1x/day
    Flonase 50mcg 2 sprays each 1x/day

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    AWWW, Hi Brittanee! Remember, it's always a "true flare" no matter how big or small the symptoms. It can just vary from time to time depending on what you've done, how much energy you used up, maybe you exposed yourself to certain smells or even caught an illness from someone that flared you on top of a catching an illness. Ive experienced the same thing, i can flare for days on end or i can flare for part of the day or even have a few days without any flare at all. Sometimes i get ALL my symptoms, or just a few, even 1 or 2 at times. Ive really paid attention to whats happened around me, stress level, exposed to chemicals, out in the sun, didnt wear sunglasses .......... The list can go on. LOL Just be aware of your surroundings etc. Get your well-needed rest too! HUGS to youXXXXXX

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