I took a vallium and a benedryl and I am still panicked. Please pray for me and my mother. We were probably exposed to the swine flu 2 days ago. OMG I can't deal with this!!!

In case you didn't read the flu thread, we have 1 Marine tested positive and 30 more suspected cases nearby. They all shop where my nephew works as a cart pusher. He came over day before yesterday without washing his hands after work, he wasn't feeling well. He says he feels ok today.

Pandemic alert raised from a 4 to a 5 just now.

God is in control, I know He is. But I am afraid. Life has been so dam hard I can't handle this. Now I have to wait and see if we get sick. I am so nauseated from the stress. I take care of my mother, she is 80.

Please pray for me to relax and trust in God with all my heart. May God keep us all with compromised immune systems safe.