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Anti-inflammatories are one possibility of edema, prednisone too or it could heart or kidney involvement. For me, I notice it is the drugs.

Also when taking diuretics...I take Lasix, a loop diuretic that releases the sodium in my blood...do you supplement with a prescription of potassium. Taking diuretics can cause heart racing and palpitations...dizziness, lightheadedness. Did your doctor look into that or do your see any correlation between the two, drug and symptom?

Hope you find the cause and it is easy to fix...


I take lasix and potassium also. It could be related to that. I think he is checking that with my labs but not sure. I have heart problem's. I have been wondering about my kidney's for a while. Because I have foam in my urine. My labs show protein. But when I do the 24 hour test. It comes back normal. My doctor tell me my kidneys are fine. I would like to see a Nephrologist. But been unable to get a referral. My doctor asked me if I change any meds. I chaged 1 med a few month ago. I was taking naproxen and changed to mobic. I'm going to change back to naproxen because mobic hasn't helped with joint pain all.

I am going to volunteer at the walk for lupus in Charlotte on Saturday because I can't walk. My husbands walking. I hope I make it though that day since I'm not feeling well.

Thank so much. and hugs back.