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Thread: I want my life back.

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    Hi, Never give up on your meds. if you feel wierd when you take meds. tell your doctor. about your boyfriend my mother use to say their many men in the sea you are still young. never give up on yourself .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dvelesaca View Post
    I dont have lupus, but im with someone who does. ive seen changes on her and im sadden that my girl is in pain in all kinds of levels.

    today when she had one of her moods and took it out on me, instead of me thinking about how i miss the girl i love, i took a step back and felt that not only my life has changed, but her life has changed as well.

    what hurts me more is that i couldn't make her pain go away.

    so i took the next step and googled lupus and it led me here tonight. Ive done research and im starting to gain some kind of knowledge of what lupus is. im going to show her this website and hope it will guide us in gaining a better understand on handling lupus together.

    As a boyfriend who is with someone who has lupus, i find it hard to handle her stress and mine at the same time. it isn't easy having lupus, it isnt easy watching the person you've been with for so many years live everyday with pain isn't easy to watch. i've told her that im staying with her and im not planning on going anywhere, despite the hardship that has yet to come.

    Have faith and all will be well..... everything happens for a reason and in most cases, its for the right reasons.

    I wish there were more guys out there like you. Your girlfriend probably feels incredibly lucky to have a guy like you being there for her while she's going through such a hard time. I hope things will get better for her and for you trying to deal with everything.

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