Hey there..I really need to ramble on. No one ever really wants to listen on bad days. They get annoyed cuz you complain all the time. I've been trying to stop getting on everyones nerves to no avail. I've been really depressed for the past month...and everyone who I thought would be there for me has gone away. No one really wants to deal with me anymore because they prefer the happy peppy giggly me that I just cant manage to be anymore.My boyfriend just broke up with me last night because he cant deal with my weird moods anymore. He told me he just doesnt feel the same about me anymore, doesnt love me anymore. I really want to just stop taking my medicatioms. They've been making me feel worse rather than better. I need my life back. It feels like its slowly been slipping away. And I feel dumb for being all upset. Ive read what other people on here have said about their own problems. I dont even have it bad. Other than purple fingers and some joint pain sometimes I didnt even have any problems til I got on these meds. I dont know. Im sorry for going on and on for anyone who reads this..