Ahhh, you warm my heart

Froggal...Lala...Debbi...dsunshine...Scubagramplit ....thank you for your kind words.

I, too, am happy to find other brothers and sisters here. And so happy to find our own special forum where we are safe to offer these words of encouragement and hope to each other.

Stay tuned to this thread....there is still Part #3 to come in the next few days.

All three parts together offer us a collection of verses in the Bible that are promises to each one of us from God. They help me remember that I am a special person with a unique purpose in life and that God loves me dearly. If I ever lose my focus on what is important in life, or feel myself feeling unloved or unvaluable, or begin to lose my hope, I turn to these verses to help me get back on track.

It brings me joy that they are meaningful to you, as well.

In His Love....